Wind Chimes Earrings

$ 159.99
Gemstone: Amazonite
  • The wind chimes earrings design is a style that I have dreamed about making for a very long time! The idea of having this shape with movement intrigued me and I finally figured out how to make this idea come to life. It is now a part of my core collection. 
  • To create this earring, I first start off by making the bezel setting for the gemstone. Then I form the two outer shapes and once those are solder up, filed and sanded to perfection, I then solder a loop on the inside. That is not an easy feat! Once I am happy with the result I assemble all the pieces together and solder all the connecting points together. I then make the ear wire, attach and solder. I finish the earrings with a burnished polish.
  • The earring length is 51mm or 2 in 
  • Each piece of sozo jewelry will have a sozo stamp and a 925 stamp to indicate genuine sterling silver.
  • Since each gem is unique and authentic, expect slight variation. I tend to believe that each gem goes to the right person!
  • All orders are made to order. This means that each piece of sozo is created just for you with an extra special amount of love put into it.
  • Each piece will have the makers touch!
  • If you have a specific size request not listed or a special request to further customize a piece of sozo, please leave a note for me at checkout or reach out to me on my contact page.
  • Orders ship within 1 to 3 days after purchasing.