Orbit Ring

$ 144.99
  • The orbit ring design is inspired by my love for the stars. It came to me while sitting in my workshop sketching out new design ideas. I was so excited to try and create it, knowing it would be a fun challenge. My first attempt taught me much more about metalsmithing. Now after a few more attempts, this design has become a new staple into my core collection. 
  • Creating this design has a lot going into it. I start off by hammering a round piece of metal into the ring band shape base. Then I measure out the two swoops and solder those to the ring band. After that, I create the gemstone setting and add two silver accent balls to both ends. Then the hardest part comes next by assembling the gemstone setting onto the ring band and making sure everything is all lined up perfectly. Once that is all soldered together, I do a little dance of joy (haha), and proceed I clean up the metal, add a honeycomb texture to the ring band, set the stone, and finish it with a high shine polish. 
  • The ring fits as expected.
  • The gemstone is 10x12 mm full ring length 18.50 mm 
  • Each piece of sozo jewelry will have a sozo stamp and a 925 stamp to indicate genuine sterling silver.
  • Since each gem is unique and authentic, expect slight variation. I tend to believe that each gem goes to the right person!
  • All orders are made to order. This means that each piece of sozo is created just for you with an extra special amount of love put into it.
  • Each piece will have the makers touch!
  • If you have a specific size request not listed or a special request to further customize a piece of sozo, please leave a note for me at checkout or reach out to me on my contact page.
  • Orders ship within 1 to 3 days after purchasing.